Queen's Head


Sunday 02/07 Albino Frogs


Sunday 09/07 JIGANTICS


Sunday 16/07 Little Rumba


Sunday 23/07 EARL




Wednesday 2/8/17 Coltrane Dedication - Alternative Festival Gig

***** Jazz Special *****

The 'Coltrane Dedication' playing at the Queens Head, providing a radically different musical direction during the Monmouth Festival is fast becoming a tradition. A totally alternative band bringing a forcefull improvised collective experience to set off the fireworks and stretch the imagination which comes from a musical maelstrom of inventiveness. This is true extemporary playing launched from the magnificent later tunes of Mr John Coltrane but taken, we're sure with his full blessing, to the summer of 2017 and beyond. For those that have experienced the 'Dedication' before they know they are in for a night of new directions and refreshing interpretation just as much as the 'first timers'

Their appearance last year at the Queens during the Monmouth Festival week went down as one of the great live experiences of the year; power cuts optional! The collective for this gig comprises Daniel G Williams and Lyndon Owen (Saxophones), Ian M Poole (drums), Dave Jones (Piano) and Ashley John-Long (Bass)
Supported by Music in Monmouth






20/08 TBA




Sunday 03/09 Lee McCrory


Sunday 10/09 Fleetwood Cave


Sunday 17/09 Eira/Snow


Wednesday 20/09/17 JOHN PAUL GARD TRIO

***** Jazz Special *****


Sunday 24/09 The Drift


Wednesday 27/9/17 Örjan Hultén's Orion

***** Jazz Special *****

Örjan Hultén, one of Sweden's foremost saxophonists and improvisers, is a musical explorer always looking for the next challenge. In his compositions Örjan Hultén moves effortlessly across boundaries and musical genres. Here and there Middle Eastern and Balkan traits can be heard while one can distinguish traces from Wayne Shorter or Joni Mitchell in other parts. Örjan Hultén Orion is featuring four of Sweden’s top musicians, each of them a wellknown and celebrated musician/bandleader in his own right. This is the first time the quartet is touring the UK. Örjan Hultén – saxophones, Torbjörn Gulz – piano, Filip Augustson – bass, Peter Danemo - drums
”Weighty jazz music of absolute world class.” Svenska Dagbladet
”A proper parade of ensemble playing and composing skills” - Nerikes Allehanda
”a well coherent reflection over contemporary acoustic jazz” – Dagens Nyheter
”his calm and convincing playing in combination with the intensity and power of the tone is strongly impressive” –Orkester Journalen
Checkout Orion playing at Fasching Jazz Klub
Supported by Music in Monmouth


Sunday 01/10 James Hollingsworth


Sunday 08/10 Terri Bramah


Sunday 15/10 Mayfield


Sunday 22/10 Ragtime Jug


Sunday 29/10 Red river Blues


Sunday 05/11 Forfeits


Sunday 12/11 SP3 Steve Payne/Miskiminn/Hobday


Sunday 19/11 Skylark


Sunday 26/11 The Harrisons

First time at the Queens and about time too! Great line up of two guitars and a trombone all blending three part vocals. The Harrison's always deliver broad, quality entertainment to all.


Sunday 03/12 WILL KILLEEN


Sunday 10/12 Heavy Quartet




Saturday 23/12 John Paul Gard/Alex Hutchins


Wednesday 14/3/18 Hiby-Bardon-Hession

***** Jazz Special *****

Having played an astonishingly powerful gig at the Queens in 2016 the Hiby-Bardon-Hession trio return to bring an intense evening of extemporised collective soundscapes.
The combined but restrained focus of their last performance was akin to the darkening and impending thrill of a brewing thunderstorm never quite breaking but bound to at any minute. A delight for the audible senses spilling out to the cliches of hair raising on the arms and neck and of course the unbelievable, near telepathic, understanding of the players drawing you in like a rip-tide on a dark night.

A world class trio from three players with huge international reputations combining Wuppertal and Leeds in a common European understanding.
Hans Peter Hiby - tenor/alto saxophones, Michael Bardon - double bass, Paul Hession - drum set ()
Supported by the Plancktone Club

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