Queen's Head

Gigs at the Queens Head are every Sunday and occasional Wednesdays

All gigs are free admission and start at 8.30 pm. Programming consists of National and International touring artists as well as providing a platform for many of the high quality, creative players in the region.



Wednesday 13/11/19 LSD trio - Lash, Sanders and Dunmall

***** Jazz Special *****

A special November treat. Very pleased to welcome back to the Queens Head three of the UK's highly respected improvisers into the creative melting pot to see what's cooking. We have ....

BLOW-> Paul Dunmall (Tenor Sax and assorted Bagpipes) As described by freejazz_co_uk "Dunmall sounds at times like Sonny Rollins at others like Evan Parker, but arguably surpasses both in the precision and succinctness of expression ... his work is the very opposite of indulgent - this is music of the utmost seriousness and importance."

HIT -> Mark Sanders (Drums and Percussion) Mark has been one of the most active percussionists on England's jazz scene, "jazz" encompassing everything from free improv to Jah Wobble's dub excursions. He is gifted with a superior technique paired by acute listening abilities and its little wonder he is one of the most sort after improvising drummers in the UK.

PLUCK-> Dominic Lash (Double Bass) "following in an illustrious lineage from Barry Guy through Simon Fell ... breathtaking" John Sharpe, All About Jazz. "extraordinarily sensitive... Every pluck or bowing seemed to embody grace and purpose." Brian Olewnick, Just Outside

Supported by Music in Monmouth and the Plancktone Club

Wednesday 4/12/19 Sirkis/Bialas IQ, OUR NEW EARTH

***** Jazz Special *****

"European jazz is promised a virtually limitless future if it continues to stick close to its European roots embedded in the subsoil of specific regional cultures, and it continues to be performed by bands as imaginative as the SBIQ. "

Bill Bruford, Liner notes from "Our New Earth"


With an emphasis on band interaction and sheer joy of playing, ‘Our New Earth’ celebrates music from both Sirkis and Bialas, covering a wide range of influences such as contemporary classical music, Polish folk, Progressive rock, South Indian and Middle Eastern musics as well as a wide range of dynamics – from the most delicate ballad all the way to high-energy electric lines and everything in between; expect soulful melodies, aerospheric sounds with strong grooves, a full colour electroacoustic jazz with an ethnic touch and some uncommonly used instruments and sound effects."The message behind Our New Earth is reflecting the drastic changes we are currently experiencing individually and collectively world-wide with the prevailing of technology, social media, and many other issues. We’d like to offer this music as a reflection, a wish of reconnection with nature and a kind of a prayer in music for a better world for all of us and hence the name Our New Earth". 

Supported by Music in Monmouth


Wednesday 8/01/20 Pillow Talk

***** Jazz Special *****

Details to follow - Music In Monmouth

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