Queen's Head


Sunday 26/11 The Harrisons

First time at the Queens and about time too! Great line up of two guitars and a trombone all blending three part vocals. The Harrison's always deliver broad, quality entertainment to all.


Sunday 03/12 WILL KILLEEN


Sunday 10/12 Heavy Quartet




Saturday 23/12 John Paul Gard/Alex Hutchins


Wednesday night jazz gigs for 2018!

Just some of the great bands we have booked for next year


Wednesday 14/3/18 Hiby-Bardon-Hession

***** Jazz Special *****

Having played an astonishingly powerful gig at the Queens in 2016 the Hiby-Bardon-Hession trio return to bring an intense evening of extemporised collective soundscapes.
The combined but restrained focus of their last performance was akin to the darkening and impending thrill of a brewing thunderstorm never quite breaking but bound to at any minute. A delight for the audible senses spilling out to the cliches of hair raising on the arms and neck and of course the unbelievable, near telepathic, understanding of the players drawing you in like a rip-tide on a dark night.

A world class trio from three players with huge international reputations combining Wuppertal and Leeds in a common European understanding.
Hans Peter Hiby - tenor/alto saxophones, Michael Bardon - double bass, Paul Hession - drum set ()
Supported by the Plancktone Club


Wednesday 11/04/18 Duski

Aidan Thorne's Duski project has grown over the years both in compositional strength and unity as a coherent playing outfit. Thorne's writing certainly does provide a refreshing repertoire which echoes broad and diverse sources. Duski is a young contemporary band, with plenty to say. Well worth listening to, bringing whatever 'jazz music' is, bang up to date!


Wednesday 16/05/18 John Law's Re-Creations project

Alongside jazz tunes by Monk and others, arrangements of tunes including Adele, Daft Punk and Kate Bush, Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean, two tunes by Radiohead


Wednesday 23 or 30/05/18

Adam Pultz-Melbye double bass, Simon Rose baritone saxophone, Paul Stapleton sound sculpture. Astonishingly creative gig with Stapleton's home created instrument and Berlin based Rose's sympathetic baritone, under pinned by Pultz-Melbye's sonorious bass playing.


Wednesday 06/06/18 TrioHLK

Jazz guitar, contemporary classical piano and masterful percussion.


Wednesday 11/07/18 Burum

Welsh super group bringing jazz and Welsh folk tunes together as one.


Wednesday 12/09/18 Tassos Spiliotopoulos' Swedish Band

Tassos returns from Stockholm with his quartet.


Wednesday 14/11/18 7Steps - Miles Davis contemporary interpretations

Tomos Williams (Burum) brings his Welsh/Irish band using the breadth of the Miles Davis catalogue.

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