Queen's Head

Gigs at the Queens Head are every Sunday and occasional Wednesdays

All gigs are free admission and start at 8.30 pm. Programming consists of National and International touring artists as well as providing a platform for many of the high quality, creative players in the region.


Wednesday 13/06/18 Kevin Figes Quartet

***** Jazz Special *****

Figes' Quartet play his own distinctive compositions and have performed all over the UK for many years to enthusiastic audiences to widespread critical acclaim and airplay.
There is a striking level of empathy and interplay within the Quartet that comes from a combination of highly accomplished players, all great improvisors in their own right, who have worked closely together for some time.
The compositions are constantly developing to produce work which is challenging and contemporary . Influences include David Binney, Dave Holland, Chris Potter, John Escreet, Hermeto Pascoal, Soft Machine and much '70s prog rock. The aim is to produce personal music in a fearless and evolving way.
Kevin Figes (Saxes and compositions), Jim Blomfield (Piano), Riaan Vosloo (Bass), Mark Whitlam (Drums)


Sunday 17/06/18……DAN JAMES


Wednesday 11/07/18 Burum

***** Celtic Jazz/Folk Special *****

Burum includes some of Wales's most creative jazz and folk musicians: mixing these ingredients together creates a unique and extraordinary band sound.
Burum's repertoire is drawn from Welsh traditional music, adapted and re-imagined for a modern jazz sextet. The band's music fuses a deep respect for the original folk melodies themselves with the flexibility and dynamics of jazz improvisation - beautiful, melancholic melodies are performed alongside fiery solos and deep grooves.

Burum toured India in 2014 and 2015, playing in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Goa, Kolkata and Bangalore. Burum have played at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington DC, and at the Festival Interceltique in Lorient, Brittany, France, as well as the International Brecon Jazz Festival, Wales' premiere Jazz Festival.
"Compelling and remarkable, bewitching the listener with creative twists and imaginative improvised sections" - Musician Magazine
"the band's approach sounds as fresh and inventive as ever. The Welsh folk tradition seems to offer an unending supply of memorable melodies for the group to explore. -

Supported by Music in Monmouth


Wednesday 18/7/18 Hiby-Bardon-Hession

***** Creative Nu-Music Special *****

Having played an astonishingly powerful gig at the Queens in 2016 the Hiby-Bardon-Hession trio return to bring an intense evening of extemporised collective soundscapes.
The combined but restrained focus of their last performance was akin to the darkening and impending thrill of a brewing thunderstorm never quite breaking but bound to at any minute. A delight for the audible senses spilling out to the cliches of hair raising on the arms and neck and of course the unbelievable, near telepathic, understanding of the players drawing you in like a rip-tide on a dark night.

A world class trio from three players with huge international reputations combining Wuppertal and Leeds in a common European understanding.
Hans Peter Hiby - tenor/alto saxophones, Michael Bardon - double bass, Paul Hession - drum set ()
Supported by Music in Monmouth and the Plancktone Club


Wednesday 1/08/18 Coltrane Dedication

***** Jazz Special *****

Up for another evening of extempory, full-on improvisation from the power quintet that takes the later tunes of Mr John Coltrane and continues on the journey that starts in many places and never finishes; meeting the intricacies of life on the way! A band that sits on the shoulders of one of THE great musicians of the 20th century, a composer of outstanding strength in his simplicity, and a true master of his instrument - always searching, never content, and a man on a mission to make the world a better place. >
Coltrane Dedication has followed the mission with an impressive collective of like minded players - on this occasion we have Caractacus Downes and Lyndon Owen (Saxes), Dominic Lash (Bass), Ian Poole (Drums), Mark Sambell (Piano). Supported by Music in Monmouth


Wednesday 12/09/18 Tassos Spiliotopoulos' Swedish Band

Tassos returns from Stockholm with his quartet.


Wednesday 14/11/18 7Steps - Miles Davis contemporary interpretations

Tomos Williams (Burum) brings his Welsh/Irish band using the breadth of the Miles Davis catalogue.


Wednesday 16/01/19 DLQ

The ever creative Dominic Lash Quartet with Alex Ward on guitar, Javier Carmona on drums and Ricardo Tejero on alto sax

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