Queen's Head

15/10/14 Akode

***** The Plancktone club presents ... Wednesday Jazz Special *****

Returning Anglo/Norwegian project AKODE promising a night of true free improvisation. British firebrand baritone saxophonist Alan Wilkinson's quartet with guitarist Kim Johannesen, bassist Ola Høyer, and drummer Dag Erik Knedal Andersen return after three years of collaboration, they've stoked the smoldering potential of their initial meetings into a proper fireball of surprising dynamic possibilities and nerve-jangling intensity.
Supported by Music in Monmouth/Plancktone Club

19/10/14 Ian Luther

A fantastic mixture of his own compositions and covers done in his own inimitable fashion this is always a great night

26/10/14 Little Rumba

If you can you imagine songs from an island populated by Jewish Argentinean Celts, stuck in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, reached only by radio stations from New Orleans, Cuba and Jamaica - then you’re ready for Little Rumba - a great world music trio.

02/11/14 Dan James

A true Troubador. A great driving mandocello player with a mixture of favourites and own penned numbers. Ranging across a wide spectrum Dan's delivery always has strong celtic roots with gritty delivery and energy. A great gig!!

6/11/14 Bonfire of the Insanities

***** The Plancktone club presents ... Thursday Jazz Special *****

"And then, after the fire ...." was another stunning scoop for the experimentally minded.

TREVOR WATTS (sop, alto sax) - Having collaborated with some of the great jazz musicians including Archie Shepp, Steve Lacy, Don Cherry and Jayne Cortez, Trevor has been a pivotal figure in the UK avant garde scene being a founder of the Spontaneous Music Ensemble, and a key figure in the London Jazz Composers Orchestra. His later projects, notably Moiré Music, added African music influences.
PAUL HESSION (drums) - no stranger to the Queens and returning from Norway after a six month creative programme in Stavanger. A privilege to have back the internationally renowned drummer with the responsive power and lightning interpretation; aspired to by many and matched by the very, very few. Paul took Monmouth by storm with the revered trio 'Hession, Wilkinson and Fell' - a gig so strong they issued a live CD Two Falls and a Submission to mark the occasion.
PER ZANUSSI (Bass) - Per has recently been collaborating with Hession in Norway but his reputation as a composer and player resonates throughout the nordic countries. Per has issued a large body of work such as Trondheim Jazz Orchestra and Per Zanussi, and his large ensemble Zanussi Thirteen Live along with a host of other collaborations and solo bass projects.
Supported by Music in Monmouth/Plancktone Club

19/11/14 Preston Glasgow Lowe UK Tour

***** Wednesday Jazz Special *****

A real treat in contemporary fusion from 3 of London's most creative instrumentalists. Travelling well beyond the format of the 'guitar led trio' the virtuosity of playing presents a level of energy and creativity it is little wonder they have shared stages with the likes of John Schofield, Tommy Smith, Robert Mitchell, Foreign Exchange, and so many more that you need to checkout the biographies.

David Preston - Guitar / Composition, Kevin Glasgow - Bass, Laurie Lowe - Drums
Supported by Music in Monmouth

23/11/14 Eira/Snow;

Eira/Snow embodies a wide range of instruments giving an amazing range of timbres including Double Bass, soprano, alto, tenor and baritone Saxophones, Armenian Douduk, Turkish Mey and Zurnah, Hungarian Tarogato, Clarinet, electronic tanpura and a range of percussion. Much influenced by the current European trend in atmospheric sound-scaping coupled with extemporary creativity, parallels can be drawn with contemporary players as well as folk traditions.

They have been playing in churches at throughout the Welsh Marches over the year to much acclaim. You can follow them on facebook at EiraSnowBand

26/11/14 Deep Whole Trio

***** The Plancktone club presents ... Wednesday Jazz Special *****

Brace yourselves for the alchemy that is Paul Rogers on bass, Paul Dunmall saxophones and bagpipes, and Mark Sanders on Drums.

Three stunning innovators whose reputations resonate worldwide. Paul Dunmall having played with luminaries such as Alice Coltrane, Danny Thompson, Keith Tippett, Elton Dean and worked in arguably the cream of the free improvising British bands such as Mujician and latterly the Paul Dunmall Octet; Mark Sanders (no stranger to the Queens) has similar pedigree having projected his percussive intensity and sensitivity with Peter Brotzman, Oren Marshall, John Edwards, Charles Gayle. Paul Rogers on Bass with a top-class collaborative catalogue with the likes of Sam Rivers, Stan Tracey, Trevor Watts, Paul Rutherford through to Evan Parker and anyone who's who in improvised music for the past 30 years and playing a variety of Basses up to 18 strings.
If this is not the CD of the year, the its pretty f***ing close! Five Stars! - BLG
Supported by Music in Monmouth/Plancktone Club

03/12/14 Coltrane Dedication

***** Wednesday Jazz Special *****

Return of the punch packing quintet, launching off the later tunes of the venerable Mr John Coltrane and going anywhere they want. Always a different night; an emotional blast and a new angle. Heading up on saxes are Caractacus Downes and Lyndon Owen with a powerhouse rhythm section of Drums, Bass and Piano.
Supported by Music in Monmouth

Some dates for your diary ...

11/03/15 Nat Birchall Quintet

18/03/15 Burum

25/03/15 Simon Rose/Willi Kellers

22/04/15 Dörner/Lash/Turner

***** The Plancktone club presents ... Wednesday Jazz Special *****

Major European improvisors descend again on the Queens for a night of extreme abstraction.
#BLOW# German Trumpetmeister, Axel Dörner, born in Köln studied at the conservatory in Arnhem, the Netherlands, #HIT# bouncing off the near improvising royalty of drumset and purrrrrcussion, Roger Turner, "can begin a roll on the toms and end it on your Ming- dynasty vase…a drummer who defies any categorisation; his complex artistry could easily rack the brains of the unprepared…" Touching extremes 2006, and then some #PLUCK# with Dominic Lash on Bass "following in an illustrious lineage from Barry Guy through Simon Fell ... breathtaking" John Sharpe, All About Jazz
Supported by Music in Monmouth/Plancktone Club

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