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Sunday 11/12 HEAVY QUARTET

The amazing red hot band are back for their annual pre-Xmas show.Constantly evolving, the Heavy Quartet continue to blow your socks off! All their output is a funky collection of grooves, mixing a big brass sound with intricate improvisation. A group that shuns the common labels, the Heavy Quartet represent vibrant musical irreverence and unpredictable eclecticism. This nine piece….yes they are not a quartet…always have the Pub jumping. Thwey have a new album out and are offering free dowmloads to everyone at the Gig. YOU DONT WANT TO MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY!!! Check out the website



For the fourth year in a row John and Alex put aside all bookings and return to the Queens Head for their Saturday before Xmas gig. This has become a special event and there are not enough superlatives to describe this amazing trio. Anyone who has heard them will know what I mean and if you hav'nt just google Alex and be blown away. As always its free admission but do get here earl. 8.30pm start.


Sunday 18/12 LITTLE RUMBA

To make it a weekend to remember we follow the wonderful Saturday gig with probably the most popular band that play at The Queens Head.
If you can you imagine songs from an island populated by Jewish Argentinean Celts, stuck in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, reached only by radio stations from New Orleans, Cuba and Jamaica - then you’re ready for Little Rumba - a great world music trio.


Sunday 31/12 ALBINO FROGS


THE COST............£20.00
THE TIME..............8.30PM.....TILL...WHEN IT ENDS


RING 07718964428


Some dates for your 2017 diary as we continue our programme for International and National players ...


Wednesday 1/2/17 A Big Hand

“A Big Hand” is a meeting of the ecstatic jazz of Sunny Murray saxophonist Tony Bevan and the industrial rumble of Furt/Barks Phillip Marks and Paul Obermayer, with bassist Dominic Lash holding the groove in the middle. Like a Sonny Rollins Trio in a tumble-dryer,
Tony bevan (saxophones) - In the early 1970s Bevan started playing soprano saxophone, inspired by Captain Beefheart and Terry Riley. Lol Coxhill gave him his first lesson and a sense of the instrument’s potential. Subsequently Bevan has also taken up tenor and bass saxophones.
Paul Obermayer (electronics) - Obermayer is a member of the Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble, and has worked with composer/performer Richard Barrett in the electronics duo FURT for nearly 30 years. He has been a member of the trio Bark! with Phillip Marks and Rex Casswell since 1998.
Dominic Lash (bass) - Based in Bristol, Lash has performed with musicians such as Tony Conrad, Joe Morris, Evan Parker and Steve Reid. His main projects include The Dominic Lash Quartet, The Set Ensemble (an experimental music group focused on the work of the Wandelweiser collective) and The Convergence Quartet.
Phillip Marks (percussion) - Is a member of Bark!, founded in Manchester in 1991 and also plays in the Alan Tomlinson Trio, and Richard Scott as part of his Lightning Ensemble. He has played with Derek Bailey, Evan Parker, Stephen Grew and John Butcher among many others.

Supported by Music in Monmouth and The Plancktone Club


Wednesday 15/2/17 Sirkis/Bialas IQ

A welcome return to the Queen's Head, the Sirkis​/​Bialas International Quartet is a collaboration between Israeli UK resident drummer/composer Asaf Sirkis, known for his work with the Lighthouse trio (ACT), Gilad Atzmon, Tim Garland, Larry Corryel, John Abercrombie & the Asaf Sirkis Trio, and Polish vocalist/composer extraordinaire Sylwia Bialas. The quartet features London based, Scottish bassist Kevin Glasgow, and the acclaimed Frank Harrison on piano and keyboards (UK).
With an emphasis on band interaction and sheer joy of playing, this band celebrates new music from both collaborators, covering a wide range of influences such as contemporary classical music, Polish folk, South Indian & Middle Eastern musics as well as a wide range of dynamics – from the most delicate ballad all the way to high-energy electric virtuoso lines and everything in between.
Expect soulful melodies, aerospheric sounds with strong grooves, a full colour electroacoustic jazz with an ethnic touch and some uncommonly used instruments and sound effects.
Asaf Sirkis - drums / compositions / percussion, Sylwia Bialas - vocals / compositions, Frank Harrison - piano, keyboards, Kevin Glasgow - electric bass


Wednesday 1/3/17 Sirene 1009:

Improviser, guitarist and constructor Han-earl Park (박한얼) has been crossing borders and performing fuzzily idiomatic, on occasion experimental, always traditional, open improvised musics for twenty years presents 'Sirene 1009', the stupendous ensemble featuring the indomitable low-end growl of Dominic Lash, the unstoppable hits and clangs of Mark Sanders, and the controlled vocal mayhem of Caroline Pugh


Wednesday 3/5/17 Partikel

If you missed them last year, then its your loss. It was simply an astonishing gig. The release of their third album "String Theory" took the British Press by storm receiving multiple four and five star reviews and making onto a number of "best jazz albums of 2015" lists already. Combine this with a tour of China, a series of major festivals, and a hefty work schedule to 2016, this is really a band not to miss when you get the chance in 2017!!!.
"String Theory is one of the most successful jazz / classical collaborations I've heard, a genuinely convincing hybrid... the album is a brilliant realisation of all the ambitions and objectives Eagles had for the project.... an astonishing performance." Ian Mann


Wednesday 14/6/17 Duski

Aidan Thorne's Duski project has grown over the years both in compositional strength and unity as a coherent playing outfit. Thorne's writing certainly does provide a refreshing repertoire which echoes broad and diverse sources. Duski is a young contemporary band, with plenty to say. Well worth listening to, bringing whatever 'jazz music' is, bang up to date!

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