Queen's Head

SUNDAY 26/07/15 Albino Frogs

What better way to start a week of great alternative and original music during Festival Week in Monmouth - the Frogs are back, jumpin' and ribbitin' with the occasional 'needip' on one of the most strident funk grooves you're going to get. Its almost like being back in Rudi's!


28/07/15 Coltrane Dedication

***** Tuesday Jazz Special ***** (8.30)

The passionate quintet are at the Queens to cut a new musical path using the later tunes of Mr John Coltrane as their first few steps. Where will it go, no one knows, but its all about the journey. True extemporary playing from the soul. (This will be a recording gig so please note the 8.30 start)

Caractacus Downes and Lyndon Owen (Saxophones), Dave Jones (Piano), Ashley John Long (Bass), Ian Poole (Drums)
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29/07/15 The Elements'

***** Wednesday Jazz Special *****

With our greatest pleasure ..... in-your-face jazz funk coupled with relentless musicianship. This outfit know each other inside out and play like there’s no tomorrow. A very welcome return to the Queens for this electric quartet of highly respected musicians from the north of England. If your heard Rod Mason playing earlier this year with JPG, this is Rod x 4. Tight as a ball of twine!

Supported by Music in Monmouth

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