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Wednesday 25th October


BOURNE WILLBERG NOONAN to debut New Music, Free Improvisation, and Rhythmic Storytelling in Wales and England this October!

Prepare for an unprecedented sonic experience as the highly anticipated trio, BOURNE WILLBERG NOONAN, 

Headed by the transplanted New York drummer and composer Sean Noonan, this ensemble melds the extraordinary skills of Matthew Bourne and Otto Willberg. Their collaboration ignited during the premiere of “Bartalk,” a genre-defying monodrama for Speaking Drummer and Large Ensemble in April 2022 at St. Giles church, seamlessly blending new music, free improvisation, and rhythmic storytelling.  Watch an excerpt featuring this trio HERE.  

A speaking drummer and composer whose music enthusiastically defies category, Sean Noonan prefers the title rhythmic storyteller – an apt description for a modern-day sonic griot who spins imaginative yarns in the ancient tradition of wandering minstrels while weaving captivating narrative tapestries via his unique polyrhythmic language.  Noonan has released over 30 albums that are informed by an eclectic variety of influences, including rock opera, avant-garde chamber music, and improvised jazz-rock

(photo by Kaja Gwincinska)

Matthew Bourne, a fearless and unpredictable pianist and keyboardist, possesses a burning passion for crafting music from unconventional sources, often breathing life into old and broken instruments, tracing back to his innovative experiments, such as teaching himself piano by tossing confectionery into a school instrument.

Otto Willberg, a London-based double bass virtuoso, defies musical categorization through avant-garde collaborations, sound spatial exploration, and a diverse range of performances, making his sonic journey a captivating, multifaceted odyssey.

“Bourne Willberg Noonan” promises a series of spellbinding ‘improv bouts’ in live concerts before embarking on their debut album recording journey. This trio is set to redefine the boundaries of music, offering a unique and captivating sonic exploration.

Don’t miss the chance to witness the birth of a new trio. Stay tuned for updates and releases from this innovative trio., please visit